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NOW Available to Watch on BookStreamz - The Magic of Deben Market

Starring John Hales, Sion Lloyd, Leslie Ash, Kelli Hollis and Gavin Marshall

Deben Market, a fishing port on the coast of England, a gentle, picturesque place where the sea laps at the shore and the pace of life is as rhythmic as the waves.

But it’s also a place of surprising magic and colourful characters that will surprise and delight you.

This enigmatic series of short stories will draw you in and compel you to revisit time and again to find all the connections and secrets, revelations and twists.

Tall Tales & Short Fiction

A collection of David Bowmore’s best loved pieces brought together for the first time. Inside, you will find futuristic dog fights, fantasy dragons, hard-bitten detectives, nostalgic romance, time travellers, horrifying butchers, the trenches of the Great War, Old West gunslingers and light-hearted adventurers.

Open the book and get to know Corky, a disgraced cop; Morty, a cocktail loving man-about-town; Kruz, an undertaker pilot; Georgette, an adventuress of style and taste; Father Thomas, a priest with a shocking past; and Sally the black-eyed cocker spaniel. From 100 word drabbles to 10,000 word micro-novels you will be spoilt for choice, no matter your preferred genre.

Many of the stories have been published by respected independent publishers, but a handful will give the reader a taste for future works David is soon to release.

David Bowmore started writing fiction in 2017. After a steep learning curve, his stories and poetry begin to appear in various collections.

His story, 'Sins of The Father' won best in book, as voted by the readers of the anthology Vortex, published by Clarendon House in June 2018.

In June 2019, his first collection of short stories was published - The Magic of Deben Market.

Previously, he has been a chef, a teacher and a landscape gardener. Now he writes.

He has lived here, there and everywhere including Brisbane, Australia and the Suffolk coast, but now lives in Yorkshire with his wonderful wife and a small poodle called Floyd.