Sins Wins

Staggering news.

My story ‘Sins of The Father’ has been voted the best story in Vortex, The Inner Circle Writers’ Group Literary Anthology 2018.

To say ‘I am absolutely stunned’ is an understatement.
The quality of storytelling in the anthology is astonishing. Many of the writers found in its pages have been writing for years and are used to being published. I was and still am a newbie.

I have my favourites from the book.

Interlude by L. T. Waterson was a dreamy story of forbidden love and new experiences.

Concrete by Bill Swiggs made me cry.

A Rock n Roll Song by Samantha Hamilton is the cleverest story and most beautifully written.

Kadee Rose by P. A. O’Neil was a slice of rodeo life.

Hey Demon I’ll Make You A Deal by Elizabeth Montague is a brilliant two hander between a woman and her doubts.

I Wish by Riham Adly will take your breath away.

Some of my favourite short story authors can be found inside, Steven Carr, Gary Bonn, Mehreen Ahmed and Carmen Baca to name few.

I could go on and on. I’m sure you get my meaning. Many if not all of the stories were, in my opinion, much better than my effort.

And to think, complete strangers thought mine was the best of the bunch, even after reading these fabulous stories by super talented writers.

Unbelievable – I am truly honoured.

The upshot is that the publisher, Clarendon House Publications, is giving me the opportunity to have my own anthology of short stories published.

Now the hard work begins, I have a lot to live up to.

You can get Vortex for your Kindle from Amazon

Or in paperback at Lulu

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