The Story So Far…

The Story So Far...

Since I started writing just over a year ago, I have had two stories and a poem accepted for publication in Clarendon House anthologies.

Vortex - Sins of The Father.

Cadence - Run or Hide.

Fireburst - Gods and Owls.

Much of my writing time recently has been taken up with preparing a collection of stories for Clarendon House Publications which I'm tentatively calling 'Deben Market'. The project is currently sitting at about 55,000 words and is about half finished, with twenty stories fleshed out and beginning to take shape.

A 10,000 word murder mystery set in 1930's London has also been submitted to Clarendon House for the Enigma anthology, and also I'm waiting to hear if a little romance will be accepted for their Rapture anthology.

I'm really excited to hear what Grant Hudson, the editor of Clarendon House, thinks of my submission for the Showcase anthology called 'The Old Ways'.

'Serve Cold' has been accepted by Zombie Pirate Publishing for inclusion in their Flash Fiction Addiction anthology. The publication date has yet to be announced.

The mighty and prolific Steven Carr challenged (challenged is too strong a word, encouraged is more fitting), encouraged me to write a western. So I did, it's called 'A Bullet for The Horse' and has been submitted to Typehouse Literary Magazine. I wait with baited breathe.

A sad tale of an immigrant woman is being read by Crannog Magazine - I should hear if it's good enough soon.

And a 1,500 word horror story is looking for a home after not making the grade in a writing contest.

Who knows what the next year will bring.

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