Fireburst – Available Now

Fireburst - Available Now

My second story to be published by Clarendon House Publications, 'Gods and Owls' - A story of despair and hope, appears in this collection along with 65 other brilliant pieces of flash fiction.

Just take a minute to check out the cover, and observe the talent inside including; Steven Carr, Carmen Baca, Gary Bonn, L. T. Waterson, Shawn Klimek, Riham Adly, R.A. Goli and Brandy Bonifas to name just a handful. I can't wait to read every story.

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The blurb

Intense, keen, extreme, sincere, deeply felt, wholehearted - you’ll find stories within ranging from the amusing to the overwhelming, from the earnest to the cute.

Clarendon House has once again drawn together a selection of fabulous talents to weave you into their story worlds so that you will scarcely believe what can be done in less than 2,000 words per tale.

Perfect if you want to relish the moments; ideal if you desire entertainment on-the-run; essential if you’re eager to see what the future has to offer in terms of great writers - this is the book for you.

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