Moony Moore Update

Last summer when I started writing, I intended, as most aspiring authors probably do, to write a novel.

The novel started to grow and I bashed out 50,000 words for NANOWRIMO. I had a hero and a devil in disguise, a love interest and long histories for my characters. I devised a town and a community, and drew maps with street names. Businesses sprang to life and people populated the town.

To my mind, the town of Deben Market was real and filled with the slightly weird characters we may come across once or twice in our lives. A melting pot for the lost and lonely, the bizarre and obscure. On the surface a refined sea side town in England, but scratch that fine veneer of respectability, and the strange histories of the inhabitants rise to the surface.

The novel was to be called The Loneliness of Moony Moore, a murder mystery and ghost story rolled into one.

However, I soon realised that I needed more experience as a writer before a novel could be completed to a standard I was happy with.

At the beginning of this year, I put the project on the back burner and concentrated on short stories. I let my mind and imagination ramble, but I kept coming back to Deben Market. I found myself telling the lives of some of the inhabitants in short story format.

One of those stories became 'Sins of the Father', and was published in Vortex, by Clarendon House Publications earlier this year. I was surprised and honoured to win best story as voted by the members of the FaceBook group, The Inner Circle Writers' Group. Find out more here

The prize for winning, my own anthology of short stories. You guessed it, my stories will be centred around Deben Market and the strangeness that is drawn to it's streets.

The Moony Moore project is evolving.

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