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Dastaan World Magazine is a new FREE ezine edited by Umair Mirxa.
It has a high-end feel which is beautifully presented with inspiring graphics and artwork. Four issues have been produced so far, and you can see the quality improving with each monthly release. These chaps have a long future ahead of them.
The simple premise behind the magazine is to showcase talent from all areas of art and culture.
The magazine is packed with interesting photography. Has lists and articles about music and films. It also features poetry and fiction, for which artists design interesting accompanying images.
The latest edition included a short piece of flash I wrote called ‘A Bullet for The Horse’ and I was honoured to have a beautiful image, created by Hazan Kazim, to go along with it.
Also appearing is an atmospheric mystery thriller, ‘The Wager’ by Mehreen Ahmed, and poems by Kelly Rivera and Shawn Klemik. (Shawn’s poem is possibly the most beautiful thing I have ever read.) And not forgetting an interesting interview with Grant Hudson of Clarendon House Publishing – if you haven’t heard of him, check out the website http://www.clarendonhousebooks.com
Get a FREE copy of the magazine here http://dastaanworld.com/magazine/
From the Dastaan World facebook page –
“We wish to record history while it’s being made, and yet with a different global narrative. For there is simply too much talk of war and death, hate and crime, politics and corruption. We talk instead about literature, art, music, film and theatre, sports, and everything else under the sun that is creative, productive, and beautiful.
Dastaan World is a community for writers and poets, artists and musicians. For foodies and travellers and photographers. For singers and actors, performers of all sorts. For readers, movie buffs, and bingers of every show ever made for television. It is a hive for collaboration among creative people. It is the place to meet, work together with, learn from, and maybe even teach, like-minded individuals from a variety of different fields and industries. It is a salon for literary and creative debates late into the night, and for the sharing of ideas, language, and culture with people from all over the world.”
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Did I mention that it’s FREE !

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