Dastaan World – Evolution


I’ve just finished the current issue of Dastaan World Magazine, entitled ‘Evolution’ and it’s a corker.
In keeping with the title of the current chapter, the Dastaan World website has had an upgrade, with lots panels that slide and flip, both in and up, and other fancy stuff too. Please forgive my overzealous use of technical jargon.
The magazine does not disappoint, in fact it’s a hit. Some highlights follow, although there’s more to it than these excellent stories.
‘The Obelisk’ by Patt O’Neill is worth reading several times. Patt has written a light hearted short that makes you ask the question, What are the politicians really hiding? With each reading a new aspect to the story will present itself to you.
Bruce Rowe’s ‘Deliverance at The Crossroads’ is an excellent and engaging morality tale, that explores one of the great music myths.
Aditya Deshmukh kicks off his residency as master of the drabble with two excellent pieces – ‘Sunlight’ and ‘Madness’. I will look forward to reading more of his work in forthcoming chapters.
And as usual everything is accompanied by great artwork and photography.
And it’s still free
Great work guys