Rapture, Rejections and Release

I’m a slow writer. Ideas are forced into my head, float around for a bit, get written down at some point and then evolve into something else. It takes me a long time to get a story ready for submission. Just saying.

So, I consider myself fortunate to have had a relative amount of success in my first year of writing.

Early this week, I had was informed that my flash fiction ‘April Violets’ has been accepted for inclusion in Rapture: The Inner Circle Writers’ Group Romance Anthology 2018.

It will be the third story of mine that Clarendon House have agreed to publish. The first ‘Sins of The Father’ appeared in Vortex, and the second ‘Gods and Owls’ was in Fireburst.

I also had a poem ‘Run or Hide?’ in Cadence.

Zombie Pirate Publishing have also accepted a flash fiction of mine called ‘Serve Cold’.

And Dastaan World Magazine are publishing my horror story, ‘Standing Stones’ on Halloween. I was lucky to appear in another of their magazines with ‘A Bullet for The Horse’.

That’s seven acceptances – not bad for a beginner (if I may blow my own trumpet for a minute).

Of course, I’ve had rejections too – I thought ‘Standing Stones’ might never find a home as it was rejected three times prior to being accepted by DWM.

I’m old enough to realise that the word ‘No’ is a big part of life, and have never been upset by a rejection. In fact expecting to receive a rejection is probably a good thing. When the yes comes I am always very pleased, and more than a little bit surprised.

And the point is, if a story gets rejected, keep trying to find it a home. Never give up.

Being a newbie to all this, I’m going to borrow this idea from one of my favourite authors, P.G Wodehouse – If you get rejected by a publisher, send your work to another. If a publisher likes your writing and agrees to publish, send them more.

The year might well have yielded more rejections, but a large amount of my writing time has been taken up with getting a collection of short stories together for Clarendon House. This has entered the editing stage and will shortly be making its way over to Grant Hudson for him to slot into his reading schedule and (with luck) his approval.

I hope for the book to be released into the wild next year.



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