Fireburst Voting


I finished reading Fireburst a little while ago and now have the arduous task of picking my three favourite stories.
Once again, Grant Hudson of Clarendon House has assembled another fine collection.
I joked to some friends on FB that I’d shortlisted about sixty stories for best in book. The quality is that good and at the risk of sounding self-effacing, it’s a wonder my experimental piece was even considered, let alone selected to appear inside.
The very first story by AK Hata, The Girl Who Glowed is a powerful retelling of actual historical events, and one girl’s fight against deadly working conditions. It’s an outright winner, and a blisteringly good start to the collection. One of my votes for best in book.
And don’t think Grant put all the good stuff at the front. Keep reading to the end before moving on to something else. A real gem sits two or three stories from the end from Brandy Bonifas. The Clock Struck Twelve is haunting storytelling based on real life dangers – utterly brilliant. This is also one of my top three.
I have yet to choose my third favourite, it could be
Date Night by Rich Rurshell
Be Nice To Georgie by RLM Cooper
Not Being Me by Gary Bonn
A Dream Life by Lael Brady
Veterans We Two by Jan McCulloch
Seriously, it’s seems unfair to ask is to choose only three when the talent is so amazing.
If you haven’t read Fireburst yet, then try before the deadline for votes on December 24th.

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