Meeting Grant Hudson

Meeting Grant Hudson


Writing is a lonely old game, making up these characters and worlds, and trying to make them sound believable.

In my small writing world, I never meet anyone at all to do with writing. In fact, outside my household, I barely know anyone who reads books.

So, it was a joy and an honour today when I had the unique pleasure of meeting the one and only Grant Hudson, of Clarendon House Publications. We only live about forty minutes from each other. And with my book ‘The Magic of Deben Market’ soon to be released we thought we should get together and have a chat about marketing and all other sorts of important things like signing contracts.

Like some sort of adventurer on a quest, he packed his bag and set off eastwards, arriving in time for lunch, just after second breakfast.

Grant, my wife Jai and I sat at the dining table and proceeded to spend four hours talking about Doctor Who, the joys of teaching, comic books, our individual experiences of our time in Australia, living in London, reading, and owning more books than it is possible to ever read in a lifetime. We ate sandwiches and drank tea and coffee (not in the same cup). And then started admiring each other’s books, the conversation went something like this
‘Deben Market is masterful.’

‘Thank you, but it wouldn't have been possible without How Stories Really Work.’

(It really wasn't that sycophantic - honest.)

We even signed each other's book. That was weird, seeing my effort bound and looking real. On the cover, the old man was looking me in the eye as if knowing it had all been worth it. What once were only flights of fantasy are now real and tangible. And anyone who reads the book, hopefully, will feel the reality too.

Was marketing discussed? Yes.

But more importantly, I met a thoroughly decent bloke who has a passion for what he is doing and here’s the thing I really want to say - one of my Facebook acquaintances became a real-life friend.

For more information about Grant and the books available visit Clarendon House Publications



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