Deben Market – The Magic is Here

Deben Market - The Magic is Here

So excited I am shaking a little bit.

The Magic of Deben Market is out now !

On the fourth of June last year I had my first story published in Vortex. It did so well in the readers' vote that I received the chance of creating my own collection for Clarendon House.

I was honoured and lost for words, but had very little back catalogue to draw on. So for the past year I have been creating what was to become The Magic of Deben Market.

All the stories are set in the in the same strange town with characters popping up in each other's stories and some cross-over storytelling going on too.

Here's the blurb written by the publisher

The Magic of Deben Market by David Bowmore

"It's rare to find a short story collection of such power as this: adjectives such as 'haunting', 'poignant', 'vivid' and 'rich' come to mind, but these are clichés which fail to capture the enigmatic and dynamic magic locked inside this book. Bowmore weaves a complex tale of interwoven characters around the imaginary coastal town of Deben Market on Britain's east coast, but he does this with such skill that you'll immediately find yourself wanting to read these stories again and again. In effect, the book is a kind of quasi-novel, layered, soul-stirring, utterly gripping - at times, wistful, at times comic, and at other times breathtakingly suspenseful and supremely thrilling. Do yourself a favour: come to Deben Market. The magic may never leave you."

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