Yoga Signings and Reviews

Yoga Signings and Reviews

Some people may know that I attend a weekly Yoga class. It’s run by Sona Garner - a take-no-prisoners, hard-as-nails former English teacher and member of the Geordie Mafia - joke.

Actually, Shona is a very positive person and an inspirational yoga teacher. Shona has been very supportive of my writing and brought a copy of The Magic of Deben Market last week for me to sign.

Surprisingly, the rest of the group wanted to know more and some even ordered.


Here are a few photos of the lovely ladies getting their signed copies last Friday.

Since The Magic of Deben Market was launched, three weeks ago, it has received five 5-star reviews on Amazon, Goodreads and Lulu. Should any of my subscribers have read it (and assuming you have liked what you read), I would truly appreciate it if you would add to the tally by placing a review on Amazon.