A round-up of the year that was 2019 :

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The year started well with my award winning story ‘Sins of The Father’ being chosen to be included in a best of collection from Clarendon House entitled Gold.

Soon after this success I submitted my first drabble to Blood Song Books for their Curses and Cauldrons anthology. It was rejected — it didn’t hit the right tone, or it didn’t convey the meaning well enough. Clearly, I had much to learn; ‘What’s a drabble?’ I hear you cry. In short, a drabble is a complete story of exactly one hundred words. They’re harder than you think. I eventually managed to get one accepted. Since then another fifty have found homes.

Two short stories that I am extremely proud of were accepted by Black Hare Press and Zombie Pirate Publishing. ‘Kruz’ is a futuristic take on the Robinson Crusoe classic and ‘Who Killed Panama Harlan?’ is a crime noir style thriller set post WW2 Britain and I think my best published short story to date. It features a main character who I have since written more stories for – prepare for more tales from Corky in the near future.

I earned my first payment as a writer with the story, ‘I, Dragon’ thanks to DW Brownlaw and PC Darkcliff’s Dragon Bone Soup anthology. This is now available to buy from Amazon. Only recently, I had another story accepted into a paying anthology by Zombie Pirate Publishing – Clockwork Dragons.

In March I entered a competition in The Inner Circle Writers’ magazine and was surprised to find that my story ‘Waiting Room’ garnered enough votes to make it to the second round and then I was even more gobsmacked when the next story, a western called ‘His Mama’s Son’, saw me through to the final. I failed to win, but the the two stories I was up against were impressively brilliant.

Throughout the year, almost a dozen short stories have been accepted into various anthologies or magazines – one for every month of 2019.

Now, I know you’re thinking that’s not much for a whole year’s worth of writing. Well, I have also been working on a collection of short stories featuring my character, Mortimer Marsh – Morty to his friends. He made his first appearance last December in ‘Surfeit of Death’ and then featured in a three-part story in the aforementioned Inner Circle Writers’ magazine. We are about 60,000 words into our journey.

The big news of the year was having my book published by Clarendon House back in June.

‘The Magic of Deben Market’ is a short story collection with all the stories set in the same slightly spooky town. As the reader progresses, they will realise that some characters form part of a larger story until we reach a conclusion.

It has to date received many five-star reviews – each one I am eternally grateful for.

Before the book made its appearance in the world, I had the pleasure of meeting Grant Hudson – the man behind Clarendon House, and a total gent.

Ideas are simmering for a follow-up to Deben Market.

Last Night I heard the joyous news that a story had been accepted into Paradox: The Inner Circles Writers’ Group crime/mystery/thriller anthology. It’s called ‘Corky’s Return’ and features  my post war anti-hero, Corky.

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Thanks for reading and here’s the list of accepted stories for 2019 and where to find them. 51 drabbles, 22 short shorts and one quasi-novel of 32 connected short stories – Enjoy.

Blood Song Books

Curses and Cauldrons – ‘Wolf Moon’ ‘Silver, Spells and Soup’ and ‘Mrs. Smith’

Forest of Fear – ‘Red’

Black Hare Press

Worlds – ‘First Contact’ ‘Harmony’ ‘Eden’ ‘The Last Race’ and ‘The Edge of Space’

Angels – ‘The Last Life’ ‘His Love’ ‘A Soldier’s Honour’ ‘An Old Priest’ and ‘Young Lion’

Monsters – ‘Spring-heeled Jack’ ‘Late Night Drinks’ ‘Broken’ ‘Man of Straw’ and ‘Imps’

Beyond – ‘Voices’ Medium’ ‘Playing With Fire’ ‘He Watched’ and ‘The End of The Line’

Unravel – ‘Hero’ ‘Jane’ ‘The Howler’ ‘Easy Money’ and ‘Worse, Much Worse’

Apocalypse – ‘Nine Nights’ ‘Growth’ ‘Stinky Jade’ ‘Powerless’ and ‘The Sun Will Rise Soon’

Love – ‘1962’ ‘1963’ ‘Foodie’ ‘Endless Love’ ‘The End’ (due to be published February 2020)

Hate – ‘Modern Hate’ and ‘Roofer’ (due to be published 2020)

Year One – ‘Ad Break’ (due to be published 2020)

Deep Space – ‘Kruz’

Storming Area 51 – ‘Daniel MacBride’ and ‘Soldier’

Eerie Christmas – ‘Adeste Fideles’

Bad Romance – ‘Second Date’ (due for publication February 2020).

Zombie Pirate Publishing

World War Four – ‘The Bunker’

Flash Fiction Addiction – ‘Serve Cold’

Full Metal Horror 2 – ‘The Butcher of Blengarth’

Grievous Bodily Harm – ‘Who Killed Panama Harlan?’

Treasure Chest – ‘The Butcher of Blengarth’

Clockwork Dragons – ‘The Dawning of The Second Magical Age’

Clarendon House Publishing

Gold – ‘Sins of The Father’

Blaze – ‘It Still Burns’

My Book – ‘The Magic of Deben Market’

Tempest – ‘Immortal Soul’

Gleam – ‘I, Bloodsucker’

Maelstrom – ‘Looking Glass’

Paradox – ‘Corky’s Return’

Fantasia Divinity Magazine

Winds of Despair – ‘Windless’

DW Brownlaw and PC Darkcliff

Dragon Bone Soup – ‘l, Dragon’

Eleanor Merry

Dark Xmas – ‘Panto’ ‘Sweet Tooth Saint Lucci’ ‘Spoilt Brat’ ‘Hell’s Bells’ and ‘Christmas Dinner’


The Inner Circle Writers’ magazine

‘An Englishman in New York’

‘The Affair of The Missing Tiara’ (in three parts over three months)

‘The Waiting Room’

‘His Mama’s Son’

‘Bonnets and Betrayals’

‘Wishes Can Come True’

Dastaan World Magazine

‘A Bit of Belief’

Saddlebag Dispatches

‘Bullet For The Horse’ (a reprint due to come out Spring/Summer 2020)

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