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Dear friends, writers, readers and adventurers

In less than a day, the polls will close for the competition to have a short film/promo made about the winning book. The company will then use this to pitch to production companies with the intention of having a full Film or TV series made.

Since the competition opened, The Magic of Deben Market has consistently been in the top eight and recently been confirmed as being in the top five.

However, I am told that the votes are very close with the leader changing place several times in the last few days. Hence, every vote counts. If you have not voted, please consider doing so before 1pm GMT on Friday the 21st of February.

I have a chance, but every vote counts.

All YOU have to do is visit and register with them as a reader/viewer, confirm the email address, sign back in and hit the ‘voting’ button. Then go to Crime/Thriller/Drama to place your tickets (votes).

Readers/viewers are allotted five votes, which they can place all on one book or spread as they wish.

So please head over to, register as a reader/viewer and vote for The Magic of Deben Market.

If you haven’t read it, here’s what one reader had to say about it.

Patt O’Neil
‘Who knew that East Anglia had its own version of Peyton Place, a lovely fishing village named Deben Market? David Bowmore did, with his presentation of this quaint little town, its family owned shops, community center like public houses, and seaside charm. Like the aforementioned, made famous by a book, movie, and television series, Deben Market has all the makings for that and much more. He tells of the lives of those who call the place home, weaving their stories in-and-out of each other’s lives like a textile artist until the finished work is a beauty to behold. There are stories of love (with and without commitment), hatred, deceit, determination, pain, joy, mystery, magic, and death. He binds his work with a tale about the town’s most interesting character, so endearing, you’re sorry to see the story end. Even strangers passing through the town feel it’s a special place and leave the better for it. This is not a book for children, but any adult reading it will feel they have been carried away and want to go looking for the magic of Deben Market themselves.

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