Deben Market coming to BookStreamz

Deben Market on BookStreamz

I couldn't have been more pleased when Elaine Sturgess from BookStreamz asked for a Zoom meeting to discuss the possibility of The Magic of Deben Market being given the BookStreamz treatment.

A bit of background :

I entered the inaugural competition of a new company that wanted to promote independent writers. The company, the brainchild of Elaine Sturgess, had the intention of producing fully made promo videos or even a pilots for a TV series of books that were popular with the indie reading masses. This promo video could then be used to promote the book and have the potential for a program or film to be commissioned.

My book did very well, coming in the top five. I didn't win and therefore wasn't the recipient of above prize, but it got a special page and promotion on the BooksOffice website - I was as pleased as punch to have done so well.

However, when Lockdown was announced in March 2020 all the BooksOffice projects had to be rethought. So Elaine and her friend, Leslie Ash, set out to give actors and writers a brand new entertainment venue called BooksStreamz.

The idea of BooksStreamz is to have an actor read the entire book with other actors playing the parts of the characters in the story, via Zoom. Money raised from the first readings was donated to charities.

My short story, Sins of The Father, was beautifully read by Garry Cooper (Quadrophenia, Caravaggio), with other parts being played by Leslie Ash (Quadrophenia, Men Behaving Badly, Holby City, Where The Heart Is), Dylan Morris, Levon Gharibian, Luke Kemp, Matthew Blaney, and David Sterne. It was a success - even if I do say so myself.

Forward a few months and the concept of live book readings has grown. Customers can subscribe to a variety of packages allowing them to drop into a reading during the day or stream previously performed books at their leisure.

The Magic of Deben Market will soon air on BookStreamz.

What will the time travelling soldier from the future look like? Will she be tall or short, dark or fair - it doesn't really matter, I just want to see and hear her.

What will any of them look like? Darryl the spaceman, Felix the oldster and Gavin the mysterious magician.

And who will play that gruff fisherman, Moony Moore?

You can join BookStreamz here to watch the reading