The Magic of Deben Market Lives

What can I say? I’m exhausted.

I never expected my own stories could be performed with such emotion.
I never thought I would be nervous before the shows began, or relieved afterwards.

It’s drained me.

What am I talking about?

The Magic of Deben Market was performed in a unique venue. Almost the whole book was read and enacted by a group of actors over seven nights.

Highlights, chatting with the actors afterwards. Questions re characters, accents etc. Compliments about the writing from people whose job it is to interpret words on a page. Leslie Ash said the stories reminded her of ‘Inside No9’ a huge compliment. Another wrote to me and said Tales of the Unexpected meets Doc Martin meets Fargo. Astounded, am I.

Lowlights, a couple of the stories couldn’t be enacted because of their structure – they didn’t quite fit the new BookStreamz format. But that is such a small complaint that I don’t know why I mention it. Forget I said it.

A few words about the the actors and some of the characters;

The book had several narrators all of whom gave the stories an individual feel. But I must mention Gavin Marshall who as well as being one of the narrators also played the part of the campest crime boss of the 20th century – Mr Hudson, darling.

Angelika, the wishing witch, played with a twinkle in her eye by Leanne Jeffers.

Sion Lloyd did Aliboy great justice; innocence, fear, and compassion all rolled into one.

We found out about Alfred Young and Jasper James thanks to the marvellous Ian Jervis and Robert Putt. Robert also did Old Nick very well. He made me laugh more than once.

Leslie Ash took many parts, but from now I will always remember her as Ashley, the woman who fell in love with her voice assistant – ‘Clive, talk dirty to me.’

Alex Boorman relished in his role as Darryl the spaceman, as well as Wally and Oli, and a few other parts too.

Daniel Fletcher narrated one night and on another played the part of Matt. Not an easy task, but he cinched it rather brilliantly.

Kelli Hollis played the Time Travelling soldier from the future and she couldn’t have been more perfect.

Moony Moore came to life, but we saw so much more than a 3D interpretation of my 2D character. We saw his soul and the loneliness of his lost existence. Fabulous work from John Hales.

Some actors took on more than one part, but there’s too many parts and too many actors to mention them all. I wouldn’t want to unintentionally hurt anyone by omitting them. But the effort they put in, both on screen and in preparation did not go unnoticed by me.

Accompanying music by Christian Lloyd set the scene, as did an intro video.

It’s also worth mentioning that BookStreamz was born partly out of a need to give actors work when Lockdown hit their industry so hard. And as such they all work from home in front of a little screen. Therefore the accomplishments of their acting are greater as they can’t use a whole stage, a studio, make up artists, or physically interact with each other.

This sort of performing is a new way for readers to see our books, and I’m thrilled to be one of the first writers to be asked by BookStreamz to participate.

As writers we have a new and exciting place where our books might find a new audience – BookStreamz

The Magic of Deben Market

Tonight’s The Night

Tonight’s the night.

I’ve about a million questions and my tummy is all quivery.

I should explain.

I am in the fortunate position of being able to have my book turned into a performance by professional actors.

At 7pm tonight – Wednesday 2nd December (UK time), the team at BooksStreamz will read the first hour. There are 14 episodes (I think).

What questions do I have?

Well, who will play Moony Moore or any of the characters for that matter?

What will they look like?

Will they meet my imaginary expectations?

When BooksStreamz enacted Sins of The Father during the Summer, I was stunned at the level of professionalism. I’d underestimated how good the words would be coming from the mouths and hearts of people who knew how to act. It was something I had never envisioned and it blew me away. So, I am sure the team will do a smashing job with Moony and the other residents of Deben Market. I’m a little nervous, that’s all.

Please do pop along and sign up