Tonight’s The Night

Tonight’s the night.

I’ve about a million questions and my tummy is all quivery.

I should explain.

I am in the fortunate position of being able to have my book turned into a performance by professional actors.

At 7pm tonight – Wednesday 2nd December (UK time), the team at BooksStreamz will read the first hour. There are 14 episodes (I think).

What questions do I have?

Well, who will play Moony Moore or any of the characters for that matter?

What will they look like?

Will they meet my imaginary expectations?

When BooksStreamz enacted Sins of The Father during the Summer, I was stunned at the level of professionalism. I’d underestimated how good the words would be coming from the mouths and hearts of people who knew how to act. It was something I had never envisioned and it blew me away. So, I am sure the team will do a smashing job with Moony and the other residents of Deben Market. I’m a little nervous, that’s all.

Please do pop along and sign up


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