Coming Soonish

I am nearing the end of The Messiah of Deben Market, the follow up to The Magic of Deben Market.

Although, strictly speaking, this book is not a sequel. It is designed to be read along side the first. We might see some events and characters from ‘Magic’ in a different light.

As I’m closs to finishing, I thought I’d reveal a detail or two.

Those of you who have read The Magic of Deben Market may remember the character, Major Charlotte Hood. A soldier from the future stranded in our present. When the reader first meets her, she is about seventy and we learn that she has been in our time period for about twenty years.

I’m happy to tell you that Charlotte plays a more significant roll in ‘Messiah’. Although, it is up to the reader to decide who the messiah really is.

Could it be new character Rose Pargeter who married into a wealthy family and is a persistent do-gooder?

Perhaps it is the returning Gavin Madocks, who has a long and mysterious past?

Is it John Cooper who did much during the second world war and afterwards in search of Nazis?

Maybe it’s Moony Moore?