David Bowmore was born in 1972, on a wintery night with the sound of thunder and the flash of lightning welcoming him into the world.

Forty-five years later he started writing fiction. After a steep learning curve, his short stories and flash fiction began to appear in various collections.

Before he started writing, he had been a chef, a teacher and landscape gardener.

He has lived here, there and everywhere including Brisbane, Australia and the Suffolk coast, but now lives in Yorkshire with his wonderful wife and a small white poodle.

He tends to write thrillers and mysteries as well as stories with a touch of the supernatural about them. He focuses on character and the oddities of being a human being, sometimes with humour, sometimes with dark reality.

Many authors have influenced him, some but not all are P.G Wodehouse, Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, Elmore Leonard, Patricia Highsmith and Agatha Christie.

His story, 'Sins of The Father' won best in book, as voted by the readers of the anthology Vortex, published by Clarendon House in June 2018.

He been published by Zombie Pirate Publishing in Flash Fiction Addiction, World War Four, Full Metal Horror 2 and Grievous Bodily Harm.

He has five drabbles in each in the following Black Hare Press Publications, Worlds, Angels, Monsters, Unbound, Unravelled, and Apocalypse. Also for Black Hare Press he has two pieces in Storming Area 51.

In June 2019, his collection of connected short stories was published by Clarendon House - The Magic of Deben Market is available through Amazon.

In December 2020, the book reading theatre group of actors, BookStreamz, enacted The Magic of Deben Market

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