Deben Market coming to BookStreamz

Deben Market on BookStreamz

I couldn't have been more pleased when Elaine Sturgess from BookStreamz asked for a Zoom meeting to discuss the possibility of The Magic of Deben Market being given the BookStreamz treatment.

A bit of background :

I entered the inaugural competition of a new company that wanted to promote independent writers. The company, the brainchild of Elaine Sturgess, had the intention of producing fully made promo videos or even a pilots for a TV series of books that were popular with the indie reading masses. This promo video could then be used to promote the book and have the potential for a program or film to be commissioned.

My book did very well, coming in the top five. I didn't win and therefore wasn't the recipient of above prize, but it got a special page and promotion on the BooksOffice website - I was as pleased as punch to have done so well.

However, when Lockdown was announced in March 2020 all the BooksOffice projects had to be rethought. So Elaine and her friend, Leslie Ash, set out to give actors and writers a brand new entertainment venue called BooksStreamz.

The idea of BooksStreamz is to have an actor read the entire book with other actors playing the parts of the characters in the story, via Zoom. Money raised from the first readings was donated to charities.

My short story, Sins of The Father, was beautifully read by Garry Cooper (Quadrophenia, Caravaggio), with other parts being played by Leslie Ash (Quadrophenia, Men Behaving Badly, Holby City, Where The Heart Is), Dylan Morris, Levon Gharibian, Luke Kemp, Matthew Blaney, and David Sterne. It was a success - even if I do say so myself.

Forward a few months and the concept of live book readings has grown. Customers can subscribe to a variety of packages allowing them to drop into a reading during the day or stream previously performed books at their leisure.

The Magic of Deben Market will soon air on BookStreamz.

What will the time travelling soldier from the future look like? Will she be tall or short, dark or fair - it doesn't really matter, I just want to see and hear her.

What will any of them look like? Darryl the spaceman, Felix the oldster and Gavin the mysterious magician.

And who will play that gruff fisherman, Moony Moore?

You can join BookStreamz here to watch the reading

1st Review for Tall Tales

I am pleased to announce that the first review has come in for Tall Tales & Short Fiction, and I’m over the moon to say it’s five stars. On top of that the reviewer likens some of the stories to Ray Bradbury and P.G Wodehouse – a total honour.

A multi-genre collection that delights on every page.
When I finished “Tall Tales and Short Fiction,” I sat back and thought, “Man, what incredibly entertaining reading experience that was!” This wonderful collection showcases the author’s ability to create memorable characters with stories written in several different genres and styles. There’s prewar England reminiscent of P. G. Wodehouse and science fiction that reminded me of Ray Bradbury. There’s a story written from the perspective of a dragon (one of my favorites) and one about a down and out private detective set in the fifties who is intent on turning his life around. There’s horror in “The Butcher of Blengarth” and there are a number of drabbles (100-word stories) about monsters, love, angels and more. There’s even a short chapter from the author’s remarkable debut novel, “The Magic of Deben Market,” and a teaser chapter from his soon to be released follow up novel, “The Mystery of Deben Market (which I loved, by the way.) I have been reading David’s work for nearly a year. He is an incredibly talented writer with a wide-ranging imagination who has the ability to bring his characters to life in such a way that you often don’t want the story to end. I’m looking forward to reading more of his work in the future, and I highly recommend this collection.’

Get your copy here

Tall Tales & Short Stories is here

Great News – Today, my new Multi-Genre collection of short stories is released.

Tall Tales & Short Stories.

A collection of David Bowmore’s best loved pieces brought together for the first time. Inside, you will find futuristic dog fights, fantasy dragons, hard-bitten detectives, nostalgic romance, time travellers, horrifying butchers, the trenches of the Great War, Old West gunslingers and light-hearted adventurers. Open the book and get to know Corky, a disgraced cop; Morty, a cocktail loving man-about-town; Kruz, an undertaker pilot; Georgette, an adventuress of style and taste; Father Thomas, a priest with a shocking past; and Sally the black-eyed cocker spaniel. From 100 word drabbles to 10,000 word micro-novels you will be spoilt for choice, no matter your preferred genre. Many of the stories have been published by respected independent publishers, but a handful will give the reader a taste for future works David is soon to release.

Please take a few minute to look inside – Tall Tales & Short Stories by David Bowmore


Sins of The Father Live Broadcast







Hello Everybody


Exciting times at Bowmore Towers !

My story, Sins of The Father, is to have an all star special make over - read and acted by a stellar cast who will interact with each other live via Zoom.

With Leslie Ash (Men Behaving Badly, Where the Heart Is), David Sterne (Casualty, The Detectorists), and Dylan Morris (The  Doll Maker).

The people at BookStreamz have even commissioned a punky theme tune, written by Christian Lloyd.

To watch the event, all you have to do is follow the link below and donate what you want - all proceeds go towards NHS Covid emergency fund. You will then gain access to the virtual theatre and even receive a link, via email, to the recording should you not be able to attend the live broadcast.

The date - Thursday 25th June at 11am here in the UK.

The performance should last about an hour and quarter. So please follow the link below and buy your ticket now.


Buy Your Ticket Here
 – last day of voting

Dear friends, writers, readers and adventurers

In less than a day, the polls will close for the competition to have a short film/promo made about the winning book. The company will then use this to pitch to production companies with the intention of having a full Film or TV series made.

Since the competition opened, The Magic of Deben Market has consistently been in the top eight and recently been confirmed as being in the top five.

However, I am told that the votes are very close with the leader changing place several times in the last few days. Hence, every vote counts. If you have not voted, please consider doing so before 1pm GMT on Friday the 21st of February.

I have a chance, but every vote counts.

All YOU have to do is visit and register with them as a reader/viewer, confirm the email address, sign back in and hit the ‘voting’ button. Then go to Crime/Thriller/Drama to place your tickets (votes).

Readers/viewers are allotted five votes, which they can place all on one book or spread as they wish.

So please head over to, register as a reader/viewer and vote for The Magic of Deben Market.

If you haven’t read it, here’s what one reader had to say about it.

Patt O’Neil
‘Who knew that East Anglia had its own version of Peyton Place, a lovely fishing village named Deben Market? David Bowmore did, with his presentation of this quaint little town, its family owned shops, community center like public houses, and seaside charm. Like the aforementioned, made famous by a book, movie, and television series, Deben Market has all the makings for that and much more. He tells of the lives of those who call the place home, weaving their stories in-and-out of each other’s lives like a textile artist until the finished work is a beauty to behold. There are stories of love (with and without commitment), hatred, deceit, determination, pain, joy, mystery, magic, and death. He binds his work with a tale about the town’s most interesting character, so endearing, you’re sorry to see the story end. Even strangers passing through the town feel it’s a special place and leave the better for it. This is not a book for children, but any adult reading it will feel they have been carried away and want to go looking for the magic of Deben Market themselves.


Dear friends

I need your help or to be more specific, I need your votes.

My book, The Magic of Deben Market, is entered into a competition and the winner is chosen by public vote.
The prize is to have a short film/promo made about the winning book that the company will then use to pitch to production companies with the intention of having a full Film or TV series made.

There are less than twenty books in the competition. I have a chance.

All YOU have to do is visit and register with them as a reader/viewer, visit the projects page and click on Project Alpha 1 to vote.

Readers/viewers are allotted five votes, which they can place all on one book or spread as they wish.

So please head over to, register as a reader/viewer and vote for The Magic of Deben Market.

If you haven’t read it, here’s what one reader had to say about it.

Steve Carr
‘The magic of the Magic of Deben Market is the spellbinding way that David introduces each scene and the characters with amazing richness of language, detail and nuance. I would find it difficult to believe that David doesn’t know his characters in real life, and doesn’t live in Deben Market. By the end of the book I felt I had just read a non-poetic version of Edgar Lee Masters’ Spoon River Anthology, where every character had come to life to share with me their story, and there are a wide range of them, from the humorous to the haunting.’

Video Review by Daniel Roche

Last week, I had the honour of The Magic of Deben Market being reviewed by Daniel Roche of Books and Buds.
Daniel loves books and makes a special point of reviewing independent authors. He gave a beautiful review which he backed up with a five star review on Amazon.

Here’s a snippet of the full review.

Daniel is a passionate reviewer, who is intelligent and entertaining. And he cares a great deal about the writing community. Please follow the link below and take a few minutes to watch the full review and while you’re at it subscribe to Daniel’s channel.


 A round-up of the year that was 2019 :

Untitled design

The year started well with my award winning story ‘Sins of The Father’ being chosen to be included in a best of collection from Clarendon House entitled Gold.

Soon after this success I submitted my first drabble to Blood Song Books for their Curses and Cauldrons anthology. It was rejected — it didn’t hit the right tone, or it didn’t convey the meaning well enough. Clearly, I had much to learn; ‘What’s a drabble?’ I hear you cry. In short, a drabble is a complete story of exactly one hundred words. They’re harder than you think. I eventually managed to get one accepted. Since then another fifty have found homes.

Two short stories that I am extremely proud of were accepted by Black Hare Press and Zombie Pirate Publishing. ‘Kruz’ is a futuristic take on the Robinson Crusoe classic and ‘Who Killed Panama Harlan?’ is a crime noir style thriller set post WW2 Britain and I think my best published short story to date. It features a main character who I have since written more stories for – prepare for more tales from Corky in the near future.

I earned my first payment as a writer with the story, ‘I, Dragon’ thanks to DW Brownlaw and PC Darkcliff’s Dragon Bone Soup anthology. This is now available to buy from Amazon. Only recently, I had another story accepted into a paying anthology by Zombie Pirate Publishing – Clockwork Dragons.

In March I entered a competition in The Inner Circle Writers’ magazine and was surprised to find that my story ‘Waiting Room’ garnered enough votes to make it to the second round and then I was even more gobsmacked when the next story, a western called ‘His Mama’s Son’, saw me through to the final. I failed to win, but the the two stories I was up against were impressively brilliant.

Throughout the year, almost a dozen short stories have been accepted into various anthologies or magazines – one for every month of 2019.

Now, I know you’re thinking that’s not much for a whole year’s worth of writing. Well, I have also been working on a collection of short stories featuring my character, Mortimer Marsh – Morty to his friends. He made his first appearance last December in ‘Surfeit of Death’ and then featured in a three-part story in the aforementioned Inner Circle Writers’ magazine. We are about 60,000 words into our journey.

The big news of the year was having my book published by Clarendon House back in June.

‘The Magic of Deben Market’ is a short story collection with all the stories set in the same slightly spooky town. As the reader progresses, they will realise that some characters form part of a larger story until we reach a conclusion.

It has to date received many five-star reviews – each one I am eternally grateful for.

Before the book made its appearance in the world, I had the pleasure of meeting Grant Hudson – the man behind Clarendon House, and a total gent.

Ideas are simmering for a follow-up to Deben Market.

Last Night I heard the joyous news that a story had been accepted into Paradox: The Inner Circles Writers’ Group crime/mystery/thriller anthology. It’s called ‘Corky’s Return’ and features  my post war anti-hero, Corky.

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Thanks for reading and here’s the list of accepted stories for 2019 and where to find them. 51 drabbles, 22 short shorts and one quasi-novel of 32 connected short stories – Enjoy.

Blood Song Books

Curses and Cauldrons – ‘Wolf Moon’ ‘Silver, Spells and Soup’ and ‘Mrs. Smith’

Forest of Fear – ‘Red’

Black Hare Press

Worlds – ‘First Contact’ ‘Harmony’ ‘Eden’ ‘The Last Race’ and ‘The Edge of Space’

Angels – ‘The Last Life’ ‘His Love’ ‘A Soldier’s Honour’ ‘An Old Priest’ and ‘Young Lion’

Monsters – ‘Spring-heeled Jack’ ‘Late Night Drinks’ ‘Broken’ ‘Man of Straw’ and ‘Imps’

Beyond – ‘Voices’ Medium’ ‘Playing With Fire’ ‘He Watched’ and ‘The End of The Line’

Unravel – ‘Hero’ ‘Jane’ ‘The Howler’ ‘Easy Money’ and ‘Worse, Much Worse’

Apocalypse – ‘Nine Nights’ ‘Growth’ ‘Stinky Jade’ ‘Powerless’ and ‘The Sun Will Rise Soon’

Love – ‘1962’ ‘1963’ ‘Foodie’ ‘Endless Love’ ‘The End’ (due to be published February 2020)

Hate – ‘Modern Hate’ and ‘Roofer’ (due to be published 2020)

Year One – ‘Ad Break’ (due to be published 2020)

Deep Space – ‘Kruz’

Storming Area 51 – ‘Daniel MacBride’ and ‘Soldier’

Eerie Christmas – ‘Adeste Fideles’

Bad Romance – ‘Second Date’ (due for publication February 2020).

Zombie Pirate Publishing

World War Four – ‘The Bunker’

Flash Fiction Addiction – ‘Serve Cold’

Full Metal Horror 2 – ‘The Butcher of Blengarth’

Grievous Bodily Harm – ‘Who Killed Panama Harlan?’

Treasure Chest – ‘The Butcher of Blengarth’

Clockwork Dragons – ‘The Dawning of The Second Magical Age’

Clarendon House Publishing

Gold – ‘Sins of The Father’

Blaze – ‘It Still Burns’

My Book – ‘The Magic of Deben Market’

Tempest – ‘Immortal Soul’

Gleam – ‘I, Bloodsucker’

Maelstrom – ‘Looking Glass’

Paradox – ‘Corky’s Return’

Fantasia Divinity Magazine

Winds of Despair – ‘Windless’

DW Brownlaw and PC Darkcliff

Dragon Bone Soup – ‘l, Dragon’

Eleanor Merry

Dark Xmas – ‘Panto’ ‘Sweet Tooth Saint Lucci’ ‘Spoilt Brat’ ‘Hell’s Bells’ and ‘Christmas Dinner’


The Inner Circle Writers’ magazine

‘An Englishman in New York’

‘The Affair of The Missing Tiara’ (in three parts over three months)

‘The Waiting Room’

‘His Mama’s Son’

‘Bonnets and Betrayals’

‘Wishes Can Come True’

Dastaan World Magazine

‘A Bit of Belief’

Saddlebag Dispatches

‘Bullet For The Horse’ (a reprint due to come out Spring/Summer 2020)