Steve Carr

Steve Carr is a native of Cincinnati but has traveled extensively in the United States and abroad. He began his writing career as a military journalist. He spent three years in the Army and four years in the Navy. He has had over 300 short stories published internationally in print and online magazines, literary journals and anthologies. His plays have been staged in several states. He has been nominated for the  Pushcart Prize twice. He currently lives in Richmond, Virginia.


The Tales of Talker Knock

Here’s a man brought into this world unlike any other, sent out to restore order and vanquish foes in realms as far apart as Atlantis and Australia, El Dorado and the land of dinosaurs, Mt. Everest and the Sahara; here’s a man who travels by galleon, sled, biplane, hot air balloon, on the back of an eagle, and on a winged horse, accompanied by his spyglass, his sword and a satchel that contains a compass, sextant, pocket knife and clean socks. Here’s a man who’ll face an Ice Queen, a veiled genie, Neanderthals, ghosts, giants, pirates, dangerous animals, treacherous men and a host of other adversaries. You will never experience adventures like this anywhere else. You will never meet a man anything like this.

His name? Talker Knock.

Elizabeth Montague

I am a multi genre author from Hertfordshire where I live with my husband and daughter. My short story collection, Dust and Glitter, was released in May 2019 by Clarendon House Publications who have previously featured my stories in eight of their anthologies.


Dust and Glitter: A Short Story Collection by Elizabeth Montague

In 2018, Clarendon House published Elizabeth Montague’s story ‘The Little Girl Who Stole The Wind’ in its children’s stories anthology, Window. The tale went on to garner the most readers’ votes and won its author the opportunity to publish this collection of her own fiction.

That story is included in Dust and Glitter — where we discover what life would really be like in an artificial body, where atheists write to God and receive replies, where a lifelong scar marks you for having taken a life, where clowns and demons abide, and much more. From intensely real psychological drama to the edge of imagination, from gut-wrenching urban crises to edgy adventures in space, in this collection of short stories Elizabeth Montague demonstrates her prodigious range and style as an author.

Gary Bonn

Gary Bonn has lived all his life as an artist, rebel and writer, on the margin of life, and is the author of over 100 short stories covering a variety of genres. He’s also written books, self-published and otherwise. His writing is a crusade, words are his lance.

Gary lives in Scotland with his wife and family.


The Tethered Goat: A Collection of Short Stories from Gary Bonn

Opening a book by Gary Bonn is like no other reading experience. It can be like a roller-coaster ride, like leaving planetary orbit, like drowning - you’re never quite sure where he will take you. Even more fascinating, you’re never sure quite how he will do it. You’ll find stories here that are so grimly realistic they are emotionally harrowing. But you’ll also go beyond realism to other worlds, crystal worlds, underwater worlds, strange arenas where men fight in the dust, weird islands where another kind of order prevails, magical worlds where everything that you thought was real is challenged. Laugh; cry; feel; think: Bonn is one of the exceptional writers who can make you do all of those at once, whose writing style makes it difficult at times to breathe because you’re transported and they don’t breathe the same air in that story. If there is a cutting edge of storytelling, Bonn is ahead of it, sharpening the blade.

Carmen Baca

Hello! I'm Carmen. As if 36 years in the classroom weren't enough, I now "teach" from home, helping aspiring authors with their own manuscripts, researching marketing strategies, and working on my next book. You can find me in the mountains of northern New Mexico where my husband and I enjoy a peaceful, quiet life caring for our animal family and any stray that happens to stop by.


Viajes con Fantasmas

Viajes con Fantasmas, the long-awaited sequel to Las Mujeres Misteriosas, finds Rosita, her husband, and son Christino (Tino) living far from the southwest and their home and family—and the vengeful reach of la Llorona. But the twisted evil spirit that is their nemesis will not leave them in peace: la Llorona resumes her quest for revenge with a cruel deed which forces mother and son to return to New Mexico. The struggle for the immortal souls of Tino and his family is now more complex as la Llorona commands nefarious ghosts, including Robert “Arkansaw” Black and Mary McGrath AKA the Lilly of Copper Avenue, to ensnare Tino and corrupt his innocence. Although Tino is quick-witted and morally strong, he is no match against the amoral, ancient evil — but powerful allies arise to protect him. In this unique world based on the special folklore of New Mexico, benevolent ghosts battle with venomous dark spirits in a life and death, winner-take-all contest that could result in a whole family going to Hell.

Justin Wiggins

Justin Wiggins is a young author from North Carolina whose work has touched many, including Douglas Gresham, step-son of the fabled C. S. Lewis, as you can see in the video below.


Surprised by Agape

In Surprised by Agape, Justin Wiggins relates a personal story of redemption, but one in which he seeks to engage the reader by touching on universal themes. His own lifeline in his darkest days - the threefold cord of Lewis and MacDonald's writings, and the music of Switchfoot - is shared as an example of the potent forces of creative art, given to us by the Creator himself, and capable of leading us back, in MacDonald's words, to the 'home of His heart’.

- David Jack, translator of the Scots/English novels of George MacDonald

Surprised by Agape is the story of Justin Wiggins’ dark night of the soul. The book traces his journey from cultural Christianity through agnosticism to atheism and then to a redeeming faith in Christ. It is a loving testimony to roles that George MacDonald and C. S. Lewis played in Wiggins’ life, and especially the books that led him out of the darkness and into the light.

- Don King, C. S. Lewis scholar and Professor of Literature at Montreat College in North Carolina

Giuseppina Marino Leyland

Giuseppina (Pina) Marino Leyland is a social worker, author and artist. She was born in Australia, of Italian immigrant parents, and currently lives in Sydney. Pina was awarded a Master of Arts in Creative Writing by the University of Technology Sydney in 2011, and has a special interest in oral history and family heritage stories. Pezzi Pazzi / Crazy Pieces is her first collection of creative writing. Clarendon House Publications has previously published several of these ‘crazy pieces’ in mixed genre anthologies in 2017– 2019.


Pezzi Pazzi / Crazy Pieces

Charming, sensitive, beautiful, Giuseppina Marino Leyland’s exceptional book is a mixed genre collection of creative writing, including short stories and fragments of poetry, with a mini novella as the centrepiece. Quirky and eclectic and infused with an Italian–Australian flavour, you’ll find tales of gypsies, women seeking to know their destinies, relationships good and bad, and wonderfully rich stories reflecting the experience of settling in Australia in the ‘50s, ‘60s and beyond. The theme of Italian–Australian migration and settlement permeates the collection, criss-crossing time and space, the settings shifting from Italy to Australia and then back again. Spilling over from believable tales about rounded, warm characters into wisdom about the human condition itself, the overarching theme of the anthology is ‘crazy life’—the world is crazy and we are all a little crazy in it.

R. A Goli

R.A. Goli is an Australian reader, writer, gamer and sometime hiker. She writes horror, fantasy, speculative fiction and erotic horror. Hobbies include bugging her pets and husband.


Unfettered: A Short Story Collection by R. A. Goli

A bird succubus that comes in a storm; a bed-and-breakfast from Hell; secret histories from before fairy tales and myths; an asylum from beyond your darkest nightmares…

This is a collection not for the squeamish or faint hearted - be prepared to have your spine tingled: this is not a book to be read alone, at night. But here you’ll also meet wonders, including fairies who wield snow and a horse that rides on the air; you’ll participate in a mermaid orgy and see how sensuality can lead to predicting the future.

Including the award-winning story ‘A Flicker of Time’, this collection displays the creative talents of the Australian author R. A. Goli - a rising star in the fiction

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