The Bunker

The Bunker
In the 22nd century, the outbreak of war between Earth and Mars is only days away.
Could a chance discovery save one family and their dog?
Follow Pete as he recounts his story of the final days and his father’s fearful obsession for survival.

A Surfeit of Death

July 1936

Heiress Dies Under Mysterious Circumstances

The family of Isabelle Balantine are in shock today, after the glamorous socialite died under unexplained circumstances at the family’s Mayfair house.

You can be sure the culprit won’t be able to avoid the long arm of the law with Superintendent Richard Allinson on the case.

April Violets

It was the last time he would ever see her, but that scent of hers would last a life time.

Standing Stones

A month on a remote, deserted Island to live with nature and study the prehistoric stones. Separated from the everyday with no internet or phone signal.

What could possibly go wrong?

Appears in Dastaan World Magazine, 'Fantasy Lands'

Image courtesy of Dastaan World Magazine

A Bullet for The Horse

A lone nameless cowboy is tired and thirsty.

His loyal horse is injured and in pain.

What will he do?


Appears in Dastaan World Magazine, 'Dreamscape'

Serve Cold

Revenge, as they say, is a dish best served cold—on live television?

A daring pirate raid on a merchant ship ends in disaster. A dominatrix loses her dog. Officers count the terrible cost of human life in the wake of battle. A casting director comes face to face with his childhood bully. And why has a death sentence been issued for everyone named John Smith?

These are but a few of the thrilling tales inside. We've gathered authors from around the world into this compendium of fast fiction fixes. Each of these one hundred and one super short stories can be read in only a few minutes, just enough time as you wait for your high speed transport to arrive and whisk you away to your next adrenaline packed adventure.

This is FLASH FICTION ADDICTION, and there is no cure but to read more!

Gods and Owls

A tale of despair and hope.

Is this our future or a retelling of where we came from?


Appearing in Fireburst with 65 other brilliant pieces of flash fiction.

Winning story in Vortex; The Inner Circle Writers' Group literary Anthology 2018

Mike loved Polly from the moment they first met in 1977. She was a one woman wonder, unafraid and daring. A collector of secrets, who lived life close to the edge.
Mike was none of these things.
Journey with Mike from first meeting to marriage, and from success in the music business to the world of celebrity.
But what would become of Mike when life with Polly became too dangerous?

Just one of many great stories that appear in Vortex.

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