The Magic of Deben Market

The Magic of Deben Market

A message from the publisher
It's rare to find a short story collection of such power as this: adjectives such as 'haunting', 'poignant', 'vivid' and 'rich' come to mind, but these are clichés which fail to capture the enigmatic and dynamic magic locked inside this book.
Bowmore weaves a complex tale of interwoven characters around the imaginary coastal town of Deben Market on Britain's east coast, but he does this with such skill that you'll immediately find yourself wanting to read these stories again and again.
In effect, the book is a kind of quasi-novel, layered, soul-stirring, utterly gripping - at times, wistful, at times comic, and at other times breathtakingly suspenseful and supremely thrilling.
Do yourself a favour: come to Deben Market. The magic may never leave you.

Amazon Review 21/08/19

An excellent book which captures the imagination.

Goodreads Review 20/08/19

I'm not sure what I was expecting, but this wasn't it!

This is a beautifully intertwined collection of shorts about various characters who have links to the quaint (and fictional) English coastal town, Deben Market.

From the obvious favourite, Moony Moore, the gruff old fisherman whose story starts and ends the book and fills chapters in between, to one of my personal favourites, Kathy/Charlotte the Time Traveller; you are captivated from the beginning and want to delve into the lives of each of these people.

My clear favourite was Clay though; those who know me will know why.

Well done, David - a GREAT first collection

Amazon Review 08/08/19

Enchanted by the Magic of Deben Market

This was one of the best books I've read this year. The Magic of Deben Market is a collection of short stories, and while each one can stand on its own, the collection as a whole is so much more. From beginning to end, it becomes a novel of interwoven stories, each connected by the enchanting setting of the town of Deben Market and its inhabitants. A character mentioned in passing in one story may later be the main character of his or her own story, and from there, play an even bigger part in the grander scheme of the entire book. Each story propelled me on to the next. I don't often go back and reread books, but this is one I can see myself revisiting to find even more nuances and connections as I watch the story unfold again. The twists and surprises along the way didn't disappoint. This was a satisfying read that I would highly recommend!

Amazon Review 18/07/19

Deben Market Truly is Magical

Amazon Review 18/07/19

Wonderful and moving

Amazon Review 06/07/19

Magical Read

Amazon Review 01/07/19

Perfect Holiday Escapist Read

Amazon Review 28/06/19

Couldn't put it book down!

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Lulu Review 27/06/19

Amazon Review 25/06/19

5.0 out of 5 stars
Well written and thoroughly enjoyable.