The Magic of Deben Market

The Magic of Deben Market

A message from the publisher
It's rare to find a short story collection of such power as this: adjectives such as 'haunting', 'poignant', 'vivid' and 'rich' come to mind, but these are clichés which fail to capture the enigmatic and dynamic magic locked inside this book.
Bowmore weaves a complex tale of interwoven characters around the imaginary coastal town of Deben Market on Britain's east coast, but he does this with such skill that you'll immediately find yourself wanting to read these stories again and again.
In effect, the book is a kind of quasi-novel, layered, soul-stirring, utterly gripping - at times, wistful, at times comic, and at other times breathtakingly suspenseful and supremely thrilling.
Do yourself a favour: come to Deben Market. The magic may never leave you.

Amazon Review 13/01/20

 A Magical Journey
In the small town of Deben Market on the coast of the North Sea, David Bowmore takes you on a tour of the town residents. He gracefully weaves stories of ordinary people who sometimes do extraordinary things, of ghosts and bank robbers, murders and gentle goodbyes. Each character is crafted in a unique voice, one that shows the flaws, the hopes, and the tribulations of living, all drawn to this village by the sea, where old fishing boats transport people from the reality of the streets of Deben Market through the veil of the supernatural. David Bowmore is an extraordinary artist, painting pictures with his words that draws me back again and again to Deben Market, well after the final chapter.

Amazon Review 08/01/20

 A well-earned five star book
I never leave five-star reviews for independent writers, but this book checked off every talking point. David figured out a way to mix murder/mystery, ghost/paranormal, sci-fi and suspense into a collection of short stories that each intertwined around each other to form an extremely unique reading experience. Honestly, this isn't a short story collection. It's a novel. A rare one. Give it a try for yourself and see what I'm talking about. It's very hard to write outside the box, but David found a way, and did an amazing job.

Goodreads Review 03/01/20

I finished David Bowmore's The Magic of Deben Market today. While anthologies and short story collections aren't my usual thing, I must say that I was captivated right from the start. Bowmore writes with an easy-going style and I found myself going from story to story. This is the sort of book you take on holidays to read sitting by the pool or on a long-haul flight. There is something in this book for everyone.
Well done, David. I can't wait for the next one.

Amazon Review 01/01/20

I felt the Magic!
I was drawn to this book by its title and the mystical cover of the book. I wanted to “feel” what the man on the cover was feeling. I wanted to sit on the dock and talk with the man, to know the stories of life in Deben Market. I wanted to know the people, the scenery, the secrets, legends and if there were skeletons in any closets.
Moony Moore welcomed me into the little seaside town where I met many interesting characters and their tales.
The book left me with a serene feeling, the kind one experiences after a short getaway in a beautiful place.
Bravo to David Bowmore on writing this book! I will be watching for any new releases from David.

Amazon Review 23/12/19

This is a collection of tales about inhabitants of the fictional coastal town of Deben Market. Some of them turn out to be ghosts! Further into the book, characters and their stories start to overlap and intermingle. The story of the main character Mooney unfolds throughout the book. Old Nick and the time traveller were my other favourite characters. An unusual and enjoyable debut collection.

Amazon Review 01/12/19

The Magic of Deben Market pulls the reader to a different time and place and makes him want to stay.
David Bowmore’s The Magic of Deben Market took me to a different time and place, one where the diverse characters tell their stories with unique dialects, perspectives, and voices. Each character comes alive through David’s masterful ability to portray people readers can visualize. I was transported onto fishing boats and into pubs and flats, countrysides and towns that made me feel like a traveler and instilled a desire to remain where I was, happy in the pages of the market for which the book is named.

Goodreads Review 24/09/19

I've read a lot of books and then along comes David Bowmore’s "The Magic of Deben Market"—if you want to get lost in a special place, take a visit to this unseeming little coastal town and experience the magic. You’ll find that everything adds up in the end for one plus one is two. Simple as that!
I LOVED everything about The Magic of Deben Market. I finished it, sitting outside on the yard swing, the wind blowing just right, the river water crashing against the rough rocks, a steaming cup at my hand...this was amazing. The story is in me, sinking in deeper and deeper, the characters coming back to the center of my mind like actors in a play coming to take a bow on center stage. I'm still thinking of the right words to say—about how I feel after reading this, and thought, well, I'll start with— Brilliant—to me—in every sense of the word. Maybe it touched me so because it's so close to the kinds of stories I love, the Spoon River tales, my own imaginary Tinta Town. I'll be walking around for a long time absorbing this.

Amazon/Goodreads Review 21/11/19

A Ghost Tale On The Sea
Reading The Magic of Deben Market was like walking through an art show with different paintings of a seaside town, each telling its own little glimpse of the characters that have had the experience of being in that town. I could smell the fish and hear Old Nick telling his stories. It was an adventure that made me want to go to the sea and hope to glimpse a ghost or two.

Amazon Review 17/11/19

The further in you get, the further you want to go!
Really good! The further through this collection of intriguing tales I got, the further I wanted to go! The more the stories start to interweave, the more exciting this book becomes.
An interesting volume of stories with one of the most satisfying endings of a short story collection I've read.
I've read a few of David Bowmore's stories in the past, but he has really outdone himself with The Magic of Deben Market.

Goodreads Review 22/09/19

This was a great book. Every story, although separate, helped to weave the tapestry of the fictional sea side town. Greatly enjoyable read

Goodreads Comment 24/08/19

Intriguing is the word. As we gnats fly and land from spot to spot in the small town of Deben Market, we make acquaintance with characters that have lived there their entire lives, or just arrived on a mission of their own, and some of them who crossed over from another dimension into this one. A heavy dose of surrealism puts the reader in a dreamlike state and, when the last story unfolds and another mystery is sewn into the fabric of Deben Market, one can't help but wonder for what's next for David Bowmore? A gem of a book!

Amazon Review 21/08/19

An excellent book which captures the imagination.

Goodreads Review 20/08/19

I'm not sure what I was expecting, but this wasn't it!

This is a beautifully intertwined collection of shorts about various characters who have links to the quaint (and fictional) English coastal town, Deben Market.

From the obvious favourite, Moony Moore, the gruff old fisherman whose story starts and ends the book and fills chapters in between, to one of my personal favourites, Kathy/Charlotte the Time Traveller; you are captivated from the beginning and want to delve into the lives of each of these people.

My clear favourite was Clay though; those who know me will know why.

Well done, David - a GREAT first collection

Amazon Review 06/08/19

Enchanted by the Magic of Deben Market

This was one of the best books I've read this year. The Magic of Deben Market is a collection of short stories, and while each one can stand on its own, the collection as a whole is so much more. From beginning to end, it becomes a novel of interwoven stories, each connected by the enchanting setting of the town of Deben Market and its inhabitants. A character mentioned in passing in one story may later be the main character of his or her own story, and from there, play an even bigger part in the grander scheme of the entire book. Each story propelled me on to the next. I don't often go back and reread books, but this is one I can see myself revisiting to find even more nuances and connections as I watch the story unfold again. The twists and surprises along the way didn't disappoint. This was a satisfying read that I would highly recommend!

Amazon Review 18/07/19

Deben Market Truly is Magical

Amazon Review 18/07/19

Wonderful and moving

Amazon Review 06/07/19

Magical Read

Amazon Review 01/07/19

Perfect Holiday Escapist Read

Amazon Review 28/06/19

Couldn't put it book down!

Amazon Review 27/06/19


Lulu Review 27/06/19

Amazon Review 25/06/19

5.0 out of 5 stars
Well written and thoroughly enjoyable.
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